Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coney Island Albino Python

Type: white lager
Origin: Saratoga Springs, New York
Price: $4.69 per 22 oz

First Coney Island beer for me and I am glad I finally tried it. If only large-scale lager makers made beers like this, no one would think that America is full of tasteless shitheads. The color and head on this are beautiful: nice light yellow, opaque, full of foam. The taste in the front of the mouth takes on characteristics of wheat beers with a nice sweet, slightly citrusy flavor. The back of the mouth, this is simple crisp pale lager in its finest form. I looked at the website right after writing the above lines and found that they use 5 types of malts on this (although I wouldn't characterize this as malty), including wheat (+1 point for me) and three spices, including orange peel (+1 more point for me). I'll give myself another point for "caramel pils", for my description of the finish on this.

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