Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dogfish Head: My Antonia

type: pilsner
origin: Milton, Delaware
price: $?/25.6oz at Joe Canal's (Princeton, NJ)
abv: 7.5%

So when I think pilsner I think light hoppy and not very stiff. As always, dogfishhead has broken these rules, but I'm not really surprised, that's how they roll right? Apparently a Bohemian beer tribute to the similarly titled novel by American author Willa Cather about a Bohemian woman.

For a 'continuously hopped' pilsner, this wasn't incredibly hoppy by nose or by bitter, but there were certainly hops in it. As I'm finding so characteristic of the east coast brew, the maltiness of this beer was tremendous, which really made me revisit what it means to be a pilsner. I would be surprised if any of the malt used in this beer was pale, because it had so much body, or maybe if it did they boiled it hard for a while after the mash. I was also surprised to find it so cloudy, since usually a bottom fermenting yeast produces a more clear beer, but maybe that part is supposed to represent Lena from the book. And to be honest I would bet you that they used an ale yeast or something because as much as I've tried to get a flavor of pilsner yeast, I couldn't match it to the flavor at the bottom of this bottle. So pilsner is: pale malt, saazy, clear, bottom fermented beer, none of which I would guess went into this beer.

We can only hope that the brewer in charge at Dogfish Head was hopelessly lovestruck or lusting or something while making this beer, because otherwise I'm having a hard time respectably figuring out why they called it a pilsner. At least then we know why they named it My Antonia.

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