Wednesday, August 10, 2011

IPA Tasting

The crew (minus Matt) did a blind tasting of various IPAs. Being a nerd, I obviously had to graph the results - but they are enlightening. Take a look:
If the dot is to the far right, it's shows that we all thought it was the best of the bunch, and if it is to the far left, it means we all thought it was the worst of the bunch. So this shows a few interesting things:
  • There was no unanimous winner, and there's not much difference between the top five, except that Mikkeller costs $7/12-oz and the others $4/22-oz, so you decide which is the better value.
  • There's a unanimous loser though: The self-proclaimed "best IPA in America". This was a shocker to us. And 90-minute's little brother, 60-minute, is also ranked pretty low. Huh?!?!
Granted Cali-Belgique is not a traditional IPA, and 90-minute is very imperial, but this shows the power of marketing. If you keep saying you're the best, then people will try your beer as if you are.

Even though these are all pretty damn delicious beers, I'm ordering Racer 5 anywhere I see it now. As Chris says, it's a great "bar beer", and now I fully agree.


  1. Would be interesting to see freshness for each beer as well.

    I wonder if the DFH coming from the east coast was older than some of those west coast IPAs?

  2. That's a good call, though I can't imagine Mikkeller or Alaskan was more fresh than either of the DFH.

  3. When I had 60-min on its own the next day I loved it. It's crazy to think how delicious all these IPA's are. But.... I did not like the 90-min during the tasting.