Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lagunitas Lucky 13 Anniversary Release

Type: IPA
Origin: Petaluma, California
Price: $4.50 per 22 oz

I wish I would have bought a normal Lucky 13 to compare this properly because it has been too long since I have had it. At least I have the previous review to go off of. Everything I have had from Lagunitas has been very fresh tasting with great complex hop flavors. This is definitely no exception. The IBUs are down in the 70s here, but the ABV is sitting strong at 8.9%. On the first sip, I encounter a very strange tingling fizziness in my mouth that is usually only reserved for soft drinks. After a few more sips, I realize that it is a slight numbing from the hops on the center of my tongue. Rather odd, but I am not complaining. There is a pretty nice mouthfeel on this, lending it towards the cough syrup end of the spectrum. On the normal Lucky 13 I noted that it had a "cherry cough syrup flavor" going on, which I think pops through a bit on this one, but I think some of the cherry flavors get replaced with some slight malts. This is a definite must try at this price.


  1. I'm enjoying this beer right now. However, I must point out there are only two things that your review has in common with this beer. 1) the title 2) that it's great. Describing the mouthfeel is like cough syrup is overly harsh. Perhaps if your palette is tuned to the subtleties of distinguishing how the Miller Lite version of watered down piss is slightly more robust than the Coors light version of watered down piss... then yes, this beer is slightly on the syrupy side. Back in college, an 8oz bottle of RobotussinDM was a hell of night, of which I had my share so I can state with authority the cough syrup flavor is not present in this beer at all. But for all the amateur drunks that read your blog, they'll be put off from even trying this beer with a backhanded comment like that. So to all of you out there still trying to learn about beer, next time you are in the bottle shop with a fistful of dollars, spend it on a superior beer like this. OR, go and drink 50,000 random beers of whatever piss you think is a good idea at the time, but don't bother to call me up in 20 years and tell me I was right.

    1. Amateur drunk? Fuck, ahem, you, professor. I consider myself a professional drunk.

  2. I think you are taking it a bit too seriously. This beer sits a little heavier in the mouth, has a velvety smoothness, and has slight cherry notes on it. When I say it has the flavor of cherry cough syrup, its a small percent, say 1-5%. The rest is a fantastic array of hops and a decent malt balance. When you review 400 beers, trying to find any distinguishing characteristic (pine sol, cough syrup, drano, bleach) is absolutely essential, otherwise all of our reviews would be "this is good". If our readership is put off by it, hey more for you and me :)