Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Naked while in Japan Beer Tasting

Origin: Japan
Type: Japanese Lagers
Price: 141 yen or $1.70 each
4% ABV Asahi and 5% ABV Kirin

This was my 1st night in Japan. I was in Kyoto, and it felt like I popped a triple decker of ecstasy. I was tingling all over; I'd been waiting most of my life to visit this fucking country; and there I was, in my hotel room, in the heart of Kyoto. Exhausted, hungry, sweaty, and fucking pissed beyond belief because like the dumbshit I am, I left one of my duffel bags on the train in Tokyo, 4 hours away. It had all of my clothes in it, and my cigarettes. I'd never felt so energetic and yet so weak, so excited and yet so frustrated. Adrenaline was pumping, from head to toe, and I could hear my heart beat over my breath.

In this cacophony I had an epiphany. Drink Japanese beers I'd never laid eyes on before, and do it naked, in the comfort of my hotel room with the AC blasting. Even better, I decided to document it and provide a descriptive photograph of my experience to share with all my fellow peers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Asahi Blue Label: I couldn't read a fucking word on this can, it was all in Japanese, and while I do know a hint of the language, I didn't really give a shit. It looked and smelled like a lager.

Kirin Honkaku Karakuchi Mugi: The name of this beer translates to "dry tasting wheat", and while this was true, what I noticed even more was a fresh hop flavor. Shocking, I know, a lager with fresh hop dericiousness. Full flavored but light and very very dry. I'm proud of Kirin, considering I hate their normal lager offering here in the states (I would much rather drink a Coors light).

The Asahi next to the Kirin tasted like tonic water. Slightly sweet and bubbly, zero flavor. On a humid day, not a bad choice. But the Kirin really shines in this comparison, and if we could purchase it at a reasonable price in the US of A, it would be my go to light beer. But it's not even offered here.

More importantly, I was drinking beer, in my hotel room, in the heart of Kyoto, naked. And yes, that is my penis blurred in the pic. Everyone should visit Japan. Enjoy.


  1. The blurred-out spot is so small it's practically invisible.

  2. what can ya do, small arab penis. who woulda thought?

  3. It almost looks like he didn't blur it out, and allowed a deceptively small shaft to be concealed by a massive furry bush.