Friday, September 2, 2011

Tijuana Bufadora Maibock

Type: Maibock
Origin: Tijuana, Baja California
Price: $3
7.4% ABV

It's funny i'm sure was an easy site to get, but still not a very creative name for a brewery or one that makes people want to drink as tj is well tj, I mean hey I love it, but you know.

This beer had a nice amber color with a caramel malt taste and slight hop finish. I was presently surprised, I mean I wasn't expecting much especially from tj, but it was very easy to drink. This would be a lot more dangerous to drink then my typical trips to Mexico involving drinking 15 or so tecates. The only bad thing I could say was the beer was slightly unbalanced, which I feel a lot of maibocks are, but I would definitely and am definitely going to drink this again.

The next place, Classico club didn't even serve beer so unfortunately no more tj beers to taste, but soon. I think I might have to drag the nonsnobers down to Tj next beerfest and then some tj tacos!