Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jeremiah Weed Lightning Lemonade

Type: malt liquor, hard lemonade
Origin: Plainfield, Illinois
Price: $3.29 per 23.5 oz can

So after a night of watching Georgia Tech lay into the Western Carolina Catamounts (seriously wtf is a catamount), I had to get something supremely extreme. I also needed to get some cash out at 7-11 (free citibank atms), and I spotted this behemoth in the chilled section. I have always wanted to try this considering they only advertise on ESPN. Since it says "Southern Style" and I just watched southern college football, perfect fit. The color on this is white, with a tinge of yellow. The smell on this is whiskey sour, one of the first whiskey drinks I got into, so definite plus. The taste is actually rather gentle and light with a good non-sour lemonade base and a nice crisp alcohol bite. This is definitely much better than I ever expected, and better than I remember Mike's or any other hard lemonade.


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