Friday, September 9, 2011

Spoetzl Shiner Bock

Type: Lager
Origin: Shiner, Texas
Price: Same as 6er of Bud probably
4.4% ABV

Yea Haw, ya lemme get one of them shiners u got there Gerral-Ray. That's what I imagine of when ordering this in Texas and why I have to admit I have no idea of what Texas is really like. I mean I heard Austins cool, and Explosions in the Sky is awesome, but still never been. Well anyway somehow this made it's way to some mediocre bbq place in SF, really the only eh food I have ever had in SF.

I had to look up Shiner, Texas on a map (well google maps) and it looks like a real podunk town, but apparently people in Texas drink this throughout the state if I am not mistaken. I assumed they would drink Bud Heavys as it matches their state flag. Usually a Bock means a form of a maibock, which this taste nothing like, but surprisingly it is pretty tasty. The best way to describe this beer would be a step up from a Bud (which I think is a great beer and got top honors at our blind domestic taste test), a good somewhat sweet beer with a nice finish and a slight pilsner bite. Someone tell the brewery though that this is a Lager.

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