Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tiger Beer

Type: Lager
Origin: Singapore
Price: Cheap
5% ABV

So it's my 2nd night in Singapore, and I'm still jetlagged as fuck. On top of that it's cloudy, a cool 85 degrees out, with close to 100% humidity. So you want a beer huh? What beer would you fancy? A San Diego IPA? FUCK NO. A German lager or Czech pilsner? Too bitter. Wait wait, back up a second?? Too bitter? Ummmm... yup.

This is why Singapore's local brewers chose Tiger as their mass beer recipe. Its absolutely refreshing, crisp, with only a slight bitterness in the middle and a malty sweet finish. In this humidity, I couldn't imagine a better beer. Now back in San Diego I might think this tastes like crap (here's andy's review), but right here right now (more like a month ago), Tiger really hits the spot.

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