Friday, October 21, 2011

Alcohol per Dollar Value Calculator

So, instead of working, I decided to make an application for the user to calculate the value of your drinking experience, something Andy and I have talked about for awhile. Its pretty simple. Just enter in your values, and you will get out the alcohol (in mL or ounces if you enter it that way) for every dollar. Normally you will get around 10 mL/$ (I just tested Popov vodka, and its a respectable 77, nbd). So enjoy and post your results in the comments. Maybe in version 2 I will weight the results based on whether the beer sucked, was average, or rocked your balls off.

Common Volume Conversions (for the non-metric users):

12 oz = 355 mL
16 oz = 473 mL
22 oz = 650 mL
Wine Bottle (or belgian bottle) = 750 mL

UPDATE 10/27/2011: Use the Non-Snob Points (NSP) section at the top. I redid everything in javascript (which is harder to embed in posts, but works great in pages).


  1. Fuck yeah. This needs a tab above.

  2. To clarify, one up near "Contact Us" etc.

  3. And I propose the units be "Non Snob Points", or NSP

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