Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cold Spring Honey Almond Weiss

Type: wheat beer
Origin: Cold Spring, Minnesota
Price: $3.29 per 32 oz can
NSP (unscaled): 12.93!
NSP (scaled): 15.5

I reviewed another Cold Spring beer awhile back, and I decided to get the other two at Whole Foods tonight. How can I pass on the BFC (big-fucking-can). This beer is really fantastic, and while a little weak and watered down, may be one of my favorite wheat beers this year. It has a slight opaqueness, but just clear enough that you wont get the yeast farts (I'm looking at you Thunderweizen). The almond flavor is faint, but I think it cuts the sweetness from the honey and adds just a little bitterness and dryness. There is a small amount of citrus in the background coming from the wheat, but it is so well balanced with the other flavors that you don't notice it. Most beer snobs would probably never pick up this beer because of the 32 oz can (except the ironic hipster types), but I'm completely fine with that since it leaves more for me.

I reviewed this beer about two weeks ago and has been sitting in the queue. Since we just came up with NSP, I decided to add it. This has a very high unscaled NSP, and I think that alone should keep it in your fridge. It might be higher (I estimated ABV at 4.5% since I couldn't find it anywhere). BTW, 32 oz is 946 mL, and this only cost $3.29.


  1. we got this BFC at whole foods today for 2.99 and are lovin' it! Happy Holidays.