Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ginga Kogen Star Bottle

Type: Hefeweizen
Origin: Japan
Price: 300 Yen
5% ABV

I had this delicious beer right after the Coedo. This baby can only be purchased in Japan, which is sad, cuz it's delish. It possesses light hints of Belgian wit, with plenty of flavor and good amount of carbonation. It's probably the Japanese version of Franziskaner, not as perfect, but damn well close enough.

Which makes me wonder if sometime during World War II, when both the Japs and Germs thought they could fuck everybody with their "superiority", if the Germs of Franz were like: "Vatt? You dont make any HefeVeizen?? Vell look hea you short Jap fucks, this is part of our Franz secret recipe!" And that little secret tidbit lives on in this Ginga Kogen beer. At least they do something right.

Andy "Randy" has reviewed their Silver Bottle.

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