Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great Divide 17th Anniv. Wood Aged Double IPA

type: double IPA
origin: Denver, CO
price: $9/22oz
abv: 10.0%

Whew! For a while now I've been prejuducial towards wood aged beers (to be precise, 'barrel aged'). But Great Divide has their shit together and knows how to condition a very strong ale. Still, I would argue that this style is actually the toughest to make taste really good, even for Divide.

The beer starts off as you would expect a 10% IIPA to taste - too malty-sweet and alcoholic - but then it finishes gently and beautifully, perfectly bitter. My one wish would be that the finishing flavors were maintained through the entire taste, but that's wishful thinking. Our buddy Banger summarized that feeling in an email to me today, part of which read:
[...] There is this thing called deadlines, and another thing called contractors, and getting them to fit is like trying to pick up a competitive gymnast in a lupus support group. Sure, it could happen, if you are willing to score a sommersault a 10.
I'll just leave it at that.

But, let's get "serious" again. Besides Breck, I think Great Divide is my favorite Colorado brewery; come to think of it, they've been brewing beer for quite a long time (since 1994 if I do my math correctly!) and it really shows.

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