Friday, October 14, 2011

Victory V-12

Type: Belgian-style Quadrupel
Origin: Downington, PA
Price: $8.79/25.4 oz
ABV: 12.0%

The second beer of the Great 2011 Power Outage. As you might tell by that ABV figure, it accelerated things a bit. Hence the Scrabble-provided photo caption.

The color of the beer is an inviting deep amber/red. The first things that hit you when you bring the glass to your nose are alcohol, raisin, plum, and alcohol. After I drank about 10 oz of this, I actually wrote in my tasting notes, 'Welp, I'm drunk now'. This has a nice dark fruit thing going on, as it should given the style, but holy shit the alcohol. Remember Bald Bull's Bull Charge? This is sort of like that, but when I tried to punch him in the stomach I missed. But thankfully, the fruitiness (Don Flamenco?) and raisiny quality remains, so at least the alcohol is decently counterbalanced. So, in summary, alcohol-soaked raisins.

I will give Victory credit for something here. There are a lot of Belgians out there that hide their alcohol so well that they end up destroying your soul even as you're savoring every drop of them (Horny Devil, anyone?). This is not one of those beers- and it's a good thing. It's quite savorable indeed, but at 12%, this beer warns you every sip of the way that you may be getting in over your head. It's not going to sneak up behind you and shiv you in the kidneys. It's going to walk up and hit you in the face with a bag full of nickels. So kudos for being sporting, Victory.


  1. B is the only valuable letter in that shitty word. You suck at Scrabble.

  2. 50 point bonus for using all 7 letters...although he would have to place it on the board, and i only see troubled as a possibility