Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yeti Lager

Type: lager
Origin: Malli, Sikkim, India
Price: $1.99 per 650 mL

I can't find a website for this one, but you probably won't visit anyways. I picked this one up because I am in a bit of a strong lager kick as of late, and this is 7% for only a few bucks. The label is pretty sweet on this and it still has the customs stickers on it. The beer itself is rather interesting. It is not skunked, which is really surprising for a lager from India. The flavor on it is a bit off. Its not sweet, but has an artificial flavoring somewhat like what you get in hard fruit candy. Actually, I think its closer to champagne. Its definitely different, and you should probably give it a try for this price.

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