Monday, November 28, 2011

21st Amendment Brew Free! Or Die

type: IPA
origin: San Francisco, CA (can says MN, but that's one of their distributors)
price: $7/12oz on Virgin Air
abv: 7.0%
NSP: 3.6 (6.2 at non-airline price)

First airline review, bitches!

So Virgin is officially awesome, and 21st is brilliant for canning and pushing their beer into other markets.  I watched television, and drank delicious IPA on my way up to the P-town over Thanksgiving, thanks to them.

This beer has a great color, tastes light to medium bodied, and nicely bittered and hoppy.  It's not really very aromatic, but maybe that was because the airplane air purification system sucks harder than the Bill O'Reilly Christmas special on Fox. We'll do it live!!!  Added bonus, the can design is awesome.  Well done, now I'm off to Lagunitas...

NOTE: Virgin charges $25 per bag, but here's the trick: Check it in at the terminal, after they ask for volunteers (free of charge).  Booyah, Merica!

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