Friday, November 18, 2011

Allagash Black

type: Belgian Style Stout
origin: Portland, Maine, USA
price: $12/750 ml
abv: 9.4%
NSP: 5.1 (10 according to me)

Geezuz christ I love Allagash. Their beers are so fucking good yet I hardly drink em, because I am not swimming in money (standard Allagash around $15 for 22). Shit though, this beer is worth every penny. This beer is brewed with roasted and chocolate malt and dark carmelized candy sugar (yum). I've had this beer a few years back and I kept an extra and aged it in my ghetto beer cellar so this gem was even better the second go around. I like the mix of a stout with a belgian - the chocolate coffee taste from the stout and the smooth fruity hints of a belgian. True that the combo doesn't always work, but it's all about a perfect balance, which this beer has. I really enjoyed this beer and praise Allagash for this. Allagash has lots of amazing beers and if you want to check em out without the huge price tag there are some beer bars that serve them, my last luck was Downtown Johnny Browns had 5 on tap for the Hamiltons tavern padre game. Needless to say that was a shit show.

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  1. I gave as a christmas gift - will they like it or love it - Being a beer drinker?