Monday, November 7, 2011

Deschutes Green Lakes Organic Ale

type: amber ale
origin: Bend, OR
price: $2/12oz (estimated)
abv: 5.2
NSP: 9.3

I somewhat screwed the pooch on this review.  The "best by" date was almost three months ago, so I really should've done this  the day after Sambo went to some distributor tasting event, at which he got shitfaced and stole a bunch of booze (including this).  They also demonstrated how best to maximize profit by beer value and placement; hence, it was a bullshit ball gargling type event and I'm proud of our young Middle East Correspondent.

I digress.

This is delicious and extremely refreshing (think non-shitty Kokanee, but in ale form).  It starts off a bit too malty but that disappears into crisp, slightly bitter refreshment; it's even well hopped so the aromas are inviting, but the IBU is not too wild.  I can see getting home from a long bike ride and downing at least three of these - probably more like six.

While I acknowledge the level of pooch-screwage I've created, I plan to pick this up next time I'm at the store and confirm that it probably tastes much better very, very fresh.  And no, I don't really give a shit about it being "organic," unless your entire brew lineup is.

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