Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Harpoon Single Hop ESB (100 Barrel Series)

type: English-style ESB
origin: Boston, MA & Windsor, VT (Huh?)
price: $5.75/22oz at Spec's
abv: 5.8%
NSP: 6.6

This is ridiculously good, and now I'm bummed the only place I've seen it is in fucking Houston, Texas. Fruity sweet aromatics, followed by a perfect level of bitterness. If the Delta hop is the reason for this delicious concoction, I'm placing it up there with Amarillo in terms of single-hop beers. I'm looking forward to finding some more releases by Harpoon (this was barrel 31), but I think I'll have to talk to Sid at BDBS to do that.

A few things to note here:
  1. That's my "Tail Chasin' Champ" hunter's hat in the background.
  2. It may be hard to see, but the brewer's signature toward the bottom of the label appears to be by a 6 year-old learning how to write.
  3. This is tasting really good right now as I watch "Michael Winslow Live" (thanks Netflix). Yeah, that Michael Winslow.

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