Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lagunitas Bavarian Styled Doppel Weizen

type: strong wheat beer
origin: Petaluma, CA
price: $4.99/22oz
abv: 9.0%
NSP: 11.7

This one's a sneaky bugger. Crisp, spicy flavors combine with that classic wheat-beer acidic wonderfulness forming an extremely drinkable, delicious beverage - beer that is. The "Bavarian Styled" monicker is in reference to the yeast strain they received from Bavaria; but, rather than take it at face value they pulled an American Eater and overfed it so they could reach 9%. So, when you finish it you're well satisfied, but then you realize it's nine-f'ing-percent and now you've got to drive across town. Uh oh.

As the NSP already suggests, this is a good value, but since it's so delicious it comes very highly recommended. I might argue it's more enjoyable than Thunderweizen. I'm really looking forward to visiting my brother in Petaluma in a month...

One more thing... I'm really sorry for the shit-ass pictures, but I lost my already-shitty camera in SF the other weekend, and now I've been relegated to using the webcam on my laptop. As any melodramatic person would write, FML.