Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marin Hoppy Holidaze

Type: christmas pale ale?
Origin: Larkspur, California
Price: $3.59 per 22 oz
NSP: 12.67

I have taken a little time off from reviews, but I promise, I have a bunch in the queue. Since its that time of year, I figured I should hit up some holiday brews (even though its not my favorite thing). This beer seemed like a good compromise since it claims to have hops in it, which is much more than other shitty winter ales. There are quite a few unique flavors in this that just slap you upside the face. A non-experienced drinker could pick most of them out. On the nose and first flavors, there is a strong chardonnay characteristic coming through. This may be due to the superposition of nutmeg, cinnamon, orange peel and vanilla extract. Those individual flavors are definitely there (with nutmeg probably being the strongest). I can tell there are hops due to the dryness in the back of my mouth, but there are almost no distinct hop "flavors". Its definitely better than most winter ales I've had, and also has a freshness that is usually not evident in this category (which is probably where the hops come in). If you want a slightly different winter ale with high NSP, definitely check this out.

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