Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Belgium Super Cru

Type: Saison
Origin: Fort Collins, CO
Price: $13.99 22oz
10% ABV
NSP (unscaled,scaled): 4.6, 7.4

It's Halloween, and I decide to look ridiculous while drinking a ridiculously expensive beer. I mean why the fuck not? I'm an Arab dressed as an Arab drinking expensive as shit beer wearing expensive as shit sunglasses with a pillowcase for a fucking head garb. It makes perfect sense, considering I deal in oil and gold while the rest of those schmucks die fighting for their "freedom" and then elect Muslim governments into power. I can't believe I'm related to those fucking idiots.

On to the beer. It's tasty. It has asian pear juice added and you definitely get apple/pear flavors adding to an already fruity saison. I liked it, I liked it a lot, but for God's sake, its so fucking expensive. I won't buy again, but hey, it was fun, and I'm a ballin' Arab who is in insane amounts of debt. I'm not giving any more details, stop being cheap fucks and go out and splurge every once in a while. And stop voting for politicians who make decisions based on religious principles you fucking dipshits.


  1. Mohammed Jihad. Durka durkastani.

  2. He looks more like a rapist than a terrorist

  3. who thinks of these things:; you must be a bunch of fucking geophysicists.

  4. St.Egman (Patron Saint of Awesomeness)November 5, 2011 at 10:16 AM

    you guys are so funny. this is like the first time i read your blog, and if all of the posts/comments are this good, i'm gonna have to free some time up over thanksgiving to get caught up!!
    @RapeyJihad - I agree, though i would suggest he looks like a certain kind of rapist...