Thursday, December 1, 2011

Altenmunster Winterbier Doppelbock

Type: doppelbock
Origin: Kempten, Germany
Price: $16.99 per 64 ounces (the bottle says 0.52 gallon, which for US gallons converts to 66.56 ounces. The BevMo! website says this is 64 ounces)
ABV: 7.5%
NSP (Scaled, Unscaled): 12.1, 8.7

This was probably the largest impulse buy I've ever made. This was by the cash register at BevMo!, and I saw how awesome the bottle was, recognized it's refilling ability as a growler, and just threw it in the basket. The breweries in San Diego will normally charge you at least $6 for a growler, so I view this beer as costing just over $11. The beer itself fits great into a rainy fall night. Its sweet and rich, but what else do you expect from a doppelbock. They are known as diet busters for a reason. You can smell the alcohol on this, but not taste it since it gets overpowered by the sweetness. The most distinct flavor on this is a slight earthy hoppiness. Its not the most interesting beer, its not the best, and I probably wont buy much more of this (unless on tap in Germany), but it does have a sweet ass bottle.


  1. Bevmo was definitely going fo the impulse buy on these; I almost bought one immediatly.

  2. best beer I have ever tasted

  3. Should have bought a 100 of these on impulse when I still had the chance.. Bevmo no longer carries this awesome Bavarian winter brew :(