Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Green Flash Double Stout

type: stout
origin: San Diego, Ca
price: $9/4-pack 12oz
abv: 8.8%
NSP: 10.0

Green Flash is a relatively under-reviewed brewery on our part, but shit's about to change.  I appreciate their beer, because they make no unfounded claims (e.g. if it's hoppy, it's fucking hoppy).   Their double stout is no different.  "Big, bold, and complex" reads the label.  True, true, and true.  The roasted barley is on full display, and yet you get through the whole bottle without a blink, and it's 8.8%.  Normally drinking a craft brewery stout is a whole ordeal (see the Stone IRS debacle), but this feels almost like what I'll term a session stout.  And to top it, their bottles are flippin' rad.  I'm so glad this was one of the stops on the NSB 1st Anniversary.


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