Friday, December 30, 2011

Hakim Stout and Pilsner

Type: Stout and pilsner
Origin: Harar, Ethiopia
Price: $3 per 12 oz bottles at Harar Ethiopian in San Diego
NSP: 6.8 for stout, 5 for pilsner

The lady and I decided to just randomly drive down El Cajon Boulevard and stop at whatever restaurant looked interesting. There are two Ethiopian places on ECB within a few blocks, but this is the first one we saw, so we stopped in. Walking in this place is like walking into someones living room. The chairs are real dining room table chairs and the kitchen is a few feet away. When I saw the menu, I had to have the ubiquitously titled "Ethiopian beer and Ethiopian stout". No name, no problem. The lady brings these two beers out to us, and I get really excited. Not only have I never had this, I have never seen this sold anywhere in the US. I am pretty sure someones relative just packed like 100 of these in their checked bags flying back from Ethiopia. Given these facts, these two beers were probably some of the freshest beers I have had in awhile. I didn't take any notes on them, but they are worth a try. These really remind me of going to Czech bars and having the option of the dark and light beer. Both are well done and enjoyable. Also, the food deal was really good here. I think like $17 for 2 people for a little of almost everything on the menu. Considering I have no damn clue what most of it is, this is the best option for me.

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