Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lightning Sauerstrom Ale

Type: berliner weisse
Origin: Poway, California
Price: $4.50 per 22 oz
NSP: 6.5

Everytime I have a Lightning beer, I am reminded how much better they are at making wheat beers than anyone else in America. This one is definitely no exception, although it is probably only their third best wheat beer. The Sauerstrom is done in the Berliner Weisse style, a light summer beer. The base on this is exactly like other Berliner Weisses I have had, coming from the pilsner malts, but then there is an added element not present among others, a strong sour element (making this a perfectly named beer). It is as if a gueze was mixed with light german wheat beer. Truly a fantastic combination, and the only downside is the low ABV of 4.5%.

1 comment:

  1. Berliner Weisse beers are all on the sour side, but it sounds like this one is particularly sour. Sounds dericious