Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Russian River Blind Pig

type: IPA
origin: Santa Rosa, CA
price: $5/.5 l
abv: 6.1%
NSP: 6.1 (12.2 scaled*)

This ranks with me as one of the best straight-up IPAs around, right up there with Big Eye**.  It won't wake you go blind like Pliny will, and it seems like you could drink these indefinitely during a session.  There's no need for a detailed review when something is so enjoyable as this.  During the tasting I kept saying "Ahh, fuck me that's good" because it's so crisp, bold, floral and perfectly balanced.  Oh, and fuck all else is how it makes you feel inside.

The side of the label has a nice description of the name.  It's in reference to prohibition jargon: blind=unlabeled, and pig=mason jar.  So RR's version of a "blind pig" is a truly masterful IPA.  I just wish I'd poured it in a mason jar beforehand!

And I especially like how 10% of the label is dedicated to informing dolts that this should never be aged; in fact, the fresher the better.  Of course nobody has tried every beer, but doesn't it seem obvious that RR produces the best beers in America?

* Note I never scale the NSP, but with this one I had to.  NOM NOM NOM.

** The first proposal of a proto-NSP rating system.

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