Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Speakeasy White Lightning

type: wheat ale
origin: San Francisco, CA
price: $10/6-pack 12oz
abv: 5.2%
NSP: 11.1

Brats and I were in SF a few months ago, getting shitty the night before our ladies ran the Nike Women's marathon (we weren't running it, unlike those douche-bags that end up "winning" the race).  Our hotel was in SOMA, just east of Market, which isn't necessarily the best area (just try and walk down 6th st.).  Yet still, we were able to get good beer (this still amazes me).  And after fighting off a few crackheads who demanded, literally, ten cents from us, we got back and hit-up the Speakeasies we'd just purchased.  Seriously, what the fuck are you gonna do with ten cents?

First off, their wheat ale.  What a deal, and pretty damn good too!  It tastes really light-bodied, but with strong spice flavors, and that classic wheat-beer acidity.  Simple and delicious, as they should be.  This is a very good beer, and easy to pug while watching Puppies vs Babies.

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