Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boatswain Twin Screw Steamer

type: IIPA
origin: Monroe, WI
price: $2 / 22oz
abv: 8.4%
NSP: 27.3

OK, now here's an example of some straight bullshit.  First things first, the value is high unless you scale it; then the NSP is 5.46.  And fellow beer binger blogger Colin Jemmott technically feels the same way as I do (his description is spot on), but he doesn't let the rage flow to obscenity.  So here it goes...

This is just bitter-as-shit, crappy homebrew that's been packaged and distributed by some rich beer bandwagoneer.  I seriously spend like five minutes how to turn their name into an insult.  Twin Screw is too obvious (see Cartman's response).  "Bo'sun" beer is too easy: What a bunch of bo'sun bullshit!  So, I think I'll go with Steamer:  This tastes worse than a Cleveland Steamer followed by a Santorum cocktail.

So let's recap, shall we?   PASS ON THIS GARBAGE.


  1. I used their single IPA to make some beer cheese butternut squash. I do remember how boring it was, but hey, it was 2 bucks.

  2. THIS IS BEER. Keep your fancy schmancy flowery adjectives to your pansy ass selves and enjoy this $2 treasure.