Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chatoe Rogue Good Chit Pilsner

Type: Pilsner
Origin: Newport, OR
Price: $5.79/22 oz
ABV: 6.0%
NSP: 6.74 (unscaled)

Had to take a bit of a break from the Portland BeerPlow (work, illness, life, etc.), but here I am back with #3. I've never been much of a pilsner guy. I never really minded them, but I never hurried to drink them. If all pilsners tasted like this (or the deliciously refreshing Konig), I'd probably change my mind. The head was super thick and frothy, and took a long time to dissipate, which tried my patience because I was really thirsty at the time. The nose was super light, with a unique celery accent. The typical pilsner skunk is very delicate and fades quickly, transitioning from a light sourness to a nice sweetness the moment you swallow it. They spend a hell of a lot of time with the malt in this one, using a floor malting process usually reserved for single malt whisky, and it shows. The malt character has a lot of complexity despite being feather-light- exactly like it is in some of the best single malts (it made me wonder what a peated pilsner would be like...intriguing). It made me want to sit around and drink it all day...and I guess when you're talking pilsner, that's the point, right?


  1. Damn your eyes for finding this one. It's been elusive on the eastern prospects, but I had some in Salt Lake City in November which has had me jonesing for more, to no avail. Avail already!

  2. We recently reviewed Good Chit too and found it to be not what we expected. Granted we haven't drank many, or any, pilsners on the show but we thought we would give it ago. Check out our video beer review here.