Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Deschutes Conflux No. 2

Type: White IPA
Origin: Bend, OR and Kansas City, MO (collaboration)
Price: $8 22 oz.
7.3% ABV
NSP 8.9

The conflux series of brews from Deschutes is meant to produce one-time only collaborations with other breweries that are out of state. Although this is tagged No. 2, it is the only conflux brew that has been released thus far (and no longer available). The recipe is designed in partnership with Boulevard Brewing Co. The concept is to combine Boulevard's expertise in wheat and belgian style beers with Deschutes local hop sources. As such the white IPA was born, a totally original combination from my experience.

The beer is GOOD. Not phenomenal, but definitely enjoyable. It's everything you expect from a wit- citrusy whiteness with a smooth finish- only complicated with excellent hoppy goodness. Well done indeed. Except for one thing. From what the boys and I could tell, it looks like somebody busted a load in our beer. Likely someone who has been eating lots of citrus for a week or maybe more. Check out all the sperm floaties in the pic.

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