Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deschutes The Stoic

Type: Belgian-Style Quad
Origin: Bend, OR
Price: $12.79/22 oz
ABV: 11.0%
NSP: 5.59 (unscaled)

Kicking things up ABV-wise towards the end of the Portland BeerPlow with #8, Deschutes' The Stoic. Before I get into the beer- the wax cap. I understand that it's supposed to make the beer look all special on the shelf, but I'd appreciate it more if it didn't crumble into 931 pieces (see photo) when I tried to remove it. Outside of that, that label's a beaut, isn't it?

Anyway, the beer's got a thick, frothy head that glues itself to the glass, sort of what I'd expect from the style. This is brewed with pomegranate and aged in rye and wine casks, and all of that shows in the nose, which is hugely fruity. It's significantly more complex than the style-similar Victory V-12, with a lot of squash character (kind of like pumpkin pie, actually). It's a pretty incredible nose, and it kind of makes me want to dunk my face in the beer.

It's got a thick, velvety mouthfeel, and the fruitiness is pretty massive on the flavor. But here's where the pomegranate shines through, adding not only another facet to the fruit flavor, but also a nice tangy acidity that rounds off what would otherwise be overwhelmingly rich. All in all, wine, rye, and pomegranate all make a whole lot of sense as supporting characters for the quad style. And unlike the V-12, the alcohol is pretty well concealed; the acidity definitely helps that aspect too. All told, I think this is pretty top notch. This isn't ordinarily my favorite style, but I'd definitely get this again, even at that price. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Deschutes excels once again.

Oh, and Deschutes- this belongs in 750s. Get it done.


  1. Your glass seems an unusal shaped one, is it a specially produced brewery one?

    1. I think he's drinking out of a plastic cup that wasn't supposed to be run through the dishwasher. At least, that's what I'd expect from Chris.

  2. It's hand-blown (not from a brewery) and was the only thing close to a beer glass I could find in my in-laws' kitchen (they're pretty much exclusively wine drinkers).