Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dogfish head: Namaste

Type: Witbier
Origin: Milton, DE
Price: not bad
ABV: 5%

It's nice writing about this tasty brew from almost six months ago which brings back memories of nice warm weather to temper the freaking ice collecting on my toes as I type.

One thing I especially recall being a bit disappointed in was the minor to absent hints of lemongrass. I really wanted to taste a reminder of the fine lemongrass flavors from my Thailand trip a while back. In a witbier, you generally get some orange and coriander flavors, but the lemongrass sounded new to me and got my stoke all up. When I drank it I tried and tried, but either there was no lemongrass flavor or I had some bad karma catching up with me as I sipped. Either way, it was otherwise a great refreshing beer, especially after I figured out how awesome freezing your glasses can be for drinking on hot summer days. So namaste or some other shit yogis say, for a laugh.

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