Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Green Flash West Coast IPA

type: IPA
origin: San Diego, CA
price: 9/4-12oz
abv: 7.3% (I know this by heart **shudder**)
NSP: 11.5

I think I know what the secret is to this beer: A proper glass!  I know it get's (sometimes) a bad rap for being a massive hop-beast, but there really is an interesting malt backbone that's dug in like an Alabama tick.  But we ain't got time to bleed in this town, so it's always served in a dumbass pint glass.  Wrong idea.  I'm arguing that with the right glass (in my case, a hybrid pilsner/weiss glass) some rich aromas come flying down your nostril, which makes the "Extravagant" hopping a manageable beast and the backbone apparent.  Of course it's hoppy and bitter as shit Captain Obvious, but as SD beer drinkers we're becoming used to this level of hopping (Brendan's review) and almost expect it.  So why avoid it, especially if it can be accessible even to the faint of heart?  And with such a high NSP, you're basically stubborn if you don't at least give this a try.

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