Monday, January 9, 2012

Karl Strauss Two Tortugas

type: Holiday Quad Ale
origin: San Diego, CA, USA
price: $5
NSP: 16.8

I have had a lot of Karl beers and am generally not too impressed with them. Their IPA is good, but nothing special, and amber is eh. After looking at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) results a few months back I saw that Karl won bronze in the Belgium-Style Abbey Ale for this beer so figured I would give it a shot. This beer starts off with a malty laced head that quickly disappears, try to get a quick sip of it before the deliciousness goes away (I couldn't even get a pic of it). The pour is a dark red with a fruity raisin plum taste that is surprisingly great and very unique. Some people may think there is too much alcohol, however it is a fucking quad ale and shit I wish I had this beer to deal with the family for the holidays, oh well till next year. The beer is 11.1% and I would say just have one, especially when you are at bluefoot and they are serving it to you in a pint glass for $5. Another good find Speedway Stout at Livewire in a pint for $5. NSP to the Roof!

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  1. I'm convinced you do all of your reviews at Livewire.