Monday, January 9, 2012

Kiuchi Brewery

1257, Kounosu, Naka-machi
Ibaraki-ken Naka-gun, 311-0133
+81 (0)29-298-0105

This post is several months overdue. I did so much shit last summer I needed time to distance myself from the experience and go back and revisit it purely via memory, photographs, and a few notes I jotted down. This has to be one of the most memorable side trips I took while visiting Japan. My hot girlfriend and I took a train out into the Jap boonies, where we could actually see some of the damage of the Tohoku-oki earthquake and were at risk of increased radiation levels. Speaking of, I think my balls have grown abnormally large in the last few months...

The Jap countryside is a sight to behold; it's absolutely mesmerizing. After almost vomiting with hatred of Tokyo (neither I nor the lady were very fond of the city), my love for the country was immediately renewed upon stepping off the train. We made our way towards the Kiuchi Brewery, fine purveyors of sake, and known in some parts of the states for brewing Hitachino Nest beer.
The ultra friendly staff gave us a tour of the sake brewery, which is defunct during the summer (the work is done in the winter and spring seasons). The beer is brewed elsewhere (on to that in a moment). We had a free taster of the Hitachino Nest white ale, which I had reviewed prior to coming here. My tasting notes having it fresh on draft from the brewery itself: "very mild aroma of wheat and citrus. Extremely delicate flavor, like a Japanese virgin. The water in Japan really is incredibly soft. This beer has far too much finesse. Light fruitiness and a mild herbal quality. No finish though :(". Sounds quite similar to my 1st review, but I must say, it really DOES grown on you.

We spent the rest of the time tasting sake, which is abso-fucking-lutely delicious. I'm now a HUGE fan of good sake, and in my opinion it gives grape wines a run for their money. We bought 2 bottles of sake (Daiginjo-shu is worth every god damned penny) and 2 bottles of umeshu, which is actually made from distilling their white ale, and the only sweet liqueur I would ever strongly consider having sex with, or using as lube.

After splurging, we went to the soba restaurant that is run by the brewery itself. The owner happened to be sitting next to us and noticed we couldn't speak the language for shit. So he got up and in the process interrupted his companions, came over and translated for us, and gave us a free bottle of their Nipponia ancient ale. Talk about fucking awesome. It gets even better. Not only is the soba the best we had in Japan, but after we finished eating, the owner offered to have us taken to their beer brewery. So the staffer who gave us a tour of the sake brewery drove us there, a 15 minute detour, told us about her experience with the earthquake, etc etc, and gave us a tour of the brewery. Now that's what I like to call an all natural big titty grade experience. I will be returning to this place ASAP.

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