Sunday, January 15, 2012

Magic Hat: Blind Faith

Type: east coast IPA
Origin: Vermont
Price: not bad
ABV: 6.2%

I distinctly recall this beer being another in a long series of malt shockers which welcomed me to the east coast. It was heavily bodied, and bitter enough to earn the name IPA, but only traditionally speaking. By newfangled west coast measure, especially in San Diego, this beer would be rated a weak barley wine. I think the thing they're missing is the dry hop stage, but they must also be full boiling the barley or blending it to smithereens to extract all the sugars, because there was little green hop nose and lots of heavy malt in there.

In hindsight, with the recent frost and blustery winds, I can sort of relate to the desire for a heartier beer, but I'm still tempted to call it something other than IPA. Apparently all beer is not like in San Diego, but I guess that's just part of the adventure.


  1. It's the yeast. They probably used a low attenuating English yeast that leaves behind a strong malt quality and hides the hops in the process.

  2. I wish yeast would flocculate on your face sometimes.

  3. I love being all oozed on with yeast, mighty fine, mighty fine.

  4. He prefers his yeast melt squirted through some viscous fingering instabilities