Friday, January 20, 2012

Oro Di Milano Riserva Speciale

Type: brown amber ale
Origin: Monza, Italy
Price: $10.99 per 750 mL
NSP: 5.6

I reviewed this awhile ago and wrote the review while I was drinking it. I never posted it because I felt like I needed to add more to it, but just couldn't think of anything else. Here is the review:

My experience with Italian beverages has been much more in the wine category or the basic lager category (peroni, birra moretti). I really did not know what to expect from this, and I probably only bought this since it was next to the belgians at BevMo! (also it has a very sexy slender physique). Lets just say that I am really glad I purchased this. On the first sip, I thought there might be a little bit of white wine in this, which becomes subdued over future sips, but is still prominent throughout. For a brown ale, the flavors are not too strong and malty. It has the refreshing crispness of a clean pilsner...

and thats all folks. You are probably disappointed, so you should probably just read this article about a nazi-fighting alcoholic bear:

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