Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slaters 50/50 (San Diego)

2750 Dewey Road Building 193 (Liberty Station)
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 398-2600

Assuming you eat and drink here, be prepared to leave this place with ~4000 calories under your belt.  It feels like everything has bacon in it here - even their vodka apparently does.  In fact, the 50/50 part of the name is in reference to their burger patty, comprised roughly of 50% bacon and 50% beef.  JTFC.

The beer selection is impressive though, something like 130-140 beers, most of which are on tap.  The taster shown in the pic:

  1. Napa Smith Hopageddon - Jesus god that's bitter, exactly as expected at 144 IBU.  It's so bitter it causes a puckering in the lower half of your mouth.  But that makes it hard to tell you're drinking 10% IIPA.
  2. Iron Fist Gauntlet - Much tastier than Hopaggedon (also an IIPA).
  3. Ommegang Seduction - I remember it being ridiculously good, but that is all.
  4. Avery Hog Heaven - A barleywine that reminds you why you shouldn't be drinking barleywine too often.  Not that it's bad, just an absolute monster of a beer to be ordering anywhere.
Sambo had Airdale Panda or something like that, which I think rocked the balls off the place.  Here he is with our broham Kasey, next to picture of a polar bear's ass.  No connection, clearly.

My formal recommendation is this: Go and get a few tasters here once and a while, and eat only the veggie burger (but add bacon of course).  Otherwise, just go the Beagle and have a beer with the Non Snob crew.

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