Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smuttynose: IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: NH, US
ABV: 6.90%
Price: some dollas

Last summer, when it was horrendously hot and humid out, I walked down the way one night for a backyard BBQ with a new crowd. It was sweltering in the evening darkness, and the snackery coming off the grill was unmatchable. Between the sting of mosquitoes, and the bedazzle of fireflies staggering around in the heat like little comets crashing into the darkness, this six pack of beer I brought with me was sweating through the box in sublime mischievousness. Moments later, while making some new greetings, the box disintegrated from the moisture, spilling glistening bottles of yummy brouha all over the lawn. At this point I realized, "damn, I guess it's about time to drink this coolaid".

BBQ, fireflies, and new acquaintances aside, this is a pretty astounding beer. Among the general malt mess I had come to know as the east coast IPA, smuttynose landed a winner. This one is nicely light bodied for the warm weather, and well enough hopped to bring home that nostalgia about west coast green flavored beer. Not quite pine sappy hopped, but well hopped just the same. Almost definitely dry hopped even. Anyway, this stuff went down like air after a good workout, so it's a good thing I only had to walk half a block home.

PS. If you're from La Jolla, and are ever on the Kittery side of Portsmouth and you're jonesing for a Don Carlos burrito, a lobster roll from Hebert Brothers Seafood is just about the closest thing you'll find.
PPS. If you ask nicely they just might have a stash of Smuttynose Session Ale to complement even though it's not on the menu.


  1. Holy figure out the font size, Batman.

    1. He apparently can ge the "website" font correctly though. Me thinks "Dr." Tronchin-James is too ballz-deep in nuclear fusion.

  2. Umm... I just wanted to know how the beer was. I didn't need a play by play of the entire evening in the form of an overly descriptive essay. I'll just try the beer.

  3. Just had this beer tonight and I am not impressed. Their pale ale and old brown dog ale are much better. The ipa I got tastes like chemicals and when poured the yeast swim around like they aren't even close to being done fermenting. If you want a Smuttynose go with the session, brown ale, or pale ale.