Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Southern Tier IPA

type: IPA
origin: Lakewood, NY
price: ~$2/12oz
abv: 7.3
NSP: 13.0

Whoa, what a pleasant surprise from the state that produces such gems as Yuengling and Genesee Light!  This is wonderful and refreshing, but fair warning: it's extremely bitter, and not likely to be enjoyed but by the heartiest of IPA fans.  At 7.3% it's just as "arrogant" as Stone IPA, but the hop bittering is way beyond.  So, Stone, does that make this more or less arrogant?  Arrogant pricks.

The bottle claims four types of hops and four types of malt were used, but for me neither profile makes it past the bitterness.  I still enjoyed it though.  And now I have something to look out for on my visit to Buffalo over the summer, besides Labatt Blue Light Lime of course.

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