Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bear Republic Peter Brown Tribute American Brown Ale

Type: Brown Ale
Origin: Cloverdale, California
Price: $4.99 per 22 oz
nsp 9.5

Ah bear how I want to visit you, so so bad. Next trip to SF I'm renting one of those zip cars and doing it. Even though when I get there I will likely not be drinking this beer as I will indulging in various others like Racer, XP, and some...hell I will just be honest, I will indulge in most then get one of my friends to drive me back.

So anyways, this beer for a brown was pretty solid even though the after taste was a little root beery (ligit beer review term right there). Definitely a malty brown ale with few hops, lots of molasses and brown sugar, and little to no head. I'd say get Racer 5 instead, or XP, or...hey I am just not a brown ale guy. and who's this pete guy, I couldn't find any info except he was around from 1949-2002. well RIP Pete.

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