Friday, February 10, 2012

Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

Type: Farmhouse/Saison
Origin: Kansas City, MO
Price: $4.49/750 mL
ABV: 8%
NSP: 13.36 (unscaled)

I was taken in once again by the 750, as with the previous Boulevard Double-Wide. I dig the old-timey label too, it kind of looks like something an Old West snake oil salesman would sell as a cure-all out of the back of a covered wagon. Yeah, I kind of pulled that analogy out of my ass.

The Tank 7 was super frothy, with a fizzy mouthfeel to match. It had a nice light bitterness, with a lot of peppery spice and some light citrus (it may sound like I took that right off Boulevard's website, but that's what I tasted). I drank it while munching on some sweet peppers and it was a delicious complement. It wasn't terribly challenging (but then, it's not supposed to be), just easy drinkin' and refreshing. It would serve as a nice summer beer, as intended, if it wasn't 20 degrees outside- although, if one treated this like one usually does with summer beers (i.e. like a session), one would end up quickly pie-eyed due to the well-hidden 8%.
In short, it's basically a wit, but a bit more hoppy, peppery, and alcohol-y, and a bit less fruity. All around, quite good, and one I'd revisit. Go Avs.


  1. Anyone on the Avs would be fooled by a triple-deek. Go Ducks. Flying V!!!

  2. Coach knew to put me in the game instead of that douchebag Adam Banks

  3. Give me a little credit here for making Gordon do community service in the first place!

    1. OK Gerald, that's true. But just remember who brought Gordo back from the brink of douchebaggery at the junior olympics. He had quite an impure ego that I was disappointed with.