Sunday, February 26, 2012

Diamond Bear Pale Ale

Type: Pale Ale
Origin: Little Rock, AR
Price: $9/6-pack (estimated for craft beer club)
ABV: 6.2%
NSP: 14.67 (unscaled)

Next beer from the craft beer club, from Diamond Bear in the Natural State. I went to Arkansas once when I was 11 or so, water-skiing on the lake of the Ozarks. That's completely irrelevant at this point, though. Are there a lot of breweries in Arkansas? I don't really know. Someone from Arkansas inform me, please.

The website doesn't provide an ABV, opting instead for ABW (4.96%). That's sort of a pain in the ass. I certainly didn't want to bother converting, so I just took BA's word for it. Anyway, pretty much nonexistent head on this one. It smells like, well, beer. Mostly malt, bit of hops, a bit more fruity than I would've thought. And it tastes like, again, beer. I mean that as a compliment in this case- the average pale ale, to me, should taste like beer-flavored beer (by average, I mean not a hoppy SOB like Sierra Nevada's version). It should be well-balanced and clean, and this one is both. It's pretty much a conventional pale ale. It's not challenging, but that doesn't mean it's not well-crafted. Easy drinkin', and I'm cool with that.

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