Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guinness Extra Stout

type: Irish stout
origin: Dublin, Ireland
price: $15/12-pack (?)
ABV: 6.0%
NSP: 17.8 (est.)

I'm really enjoying this right now, but I think I should've tasted this (a) when not already buzzed, and (b) with the Draught (the one we all get at any Irish bar) for comparison.

This is a relatively low body stout (think the opposite of an American Imperial Stout).  Even so, there's still enough complexity to be enjoyable.  The website makes some comparison to a porter, but I think they've done well to distinguish this.

And did you know Student's T-test was developed with the Guinness Brewery?  I know it's some boring, nerdy statistics; but it's cool that something scientific can come from beer, independently of our military industrial complex.  OK, now I know I'm really buzzed, and it's time to sign off.

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