Friday, February 10, 2012

Knee Deep Hoptologist Double IPA

Type: Double IPA
Origin: Lincoln, California
Price: $4.50 per pint at Small Bar (San Diego)

I won't bother with the NSP's on this one since I just wanted to shoot off a quick review. Andy, Brent and I went to Small Bar last night and saw this baby on the board. I have never heard of Knee Deep Brewing before, and considering its 9% ABV and low price, figured I should give it a try. To keep it simple, this is what double IPA's should taste like. The nose on it is incredible, probably the best I have smelled anywhere. It was very floral and citrusy, and probably some other things. Just damn good is all you need to know. The flavors are not as strong as the nose, and it takes on a slightly smoother, subdued floralness. I almost don't want to put this review out because everyone is going to drink this, leaving none for me. After I bought one, the table bought like 8 of these. Gargoyle Brent approves.

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