Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mammoth Brewing Company

94 Berner Street
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

Last weekend with three of my friends we headed up to mammoth and the first night I headed straight to the store to pick up some Mammoth brew. I always liked their beer, but have mostly just drank their IPAs and of those my favorite was the IPA 395. The beer has a nice hop bite with some malts and a unique flavor with sage and juniper berries that surprisingly works and fits in with the mountain vibe.

After waking up Saturday a.m. with little snow we decided to head to the Mammoth brewery to check out the rest of their beers. The place is larger than I expected with several fridges of cold beer to purchase, growlers to fill up, merch to purchase, cool solid wood bar top, and beer to drink! Once you get there they go through all of their 9 beers and discuss each one (for free I might add). I liked this format and do not know why other breweries do it like this as you go from light beers to dark (the way you should taste). Also they used laminated sheets with information on each beer just in case you forget what you are tasting. All of their beers were great. The Hefe tasted very similar to one I would get in Germany, which is a great compliment, the Pilsner was smooth and refreshing, Paranoid Pale had a nice balance of hops to malts, and the Double Nut Brown was a in your face brown porter with lots of dark chocolate and coffee.

The remaining beers included some great IPAs, a delicious take on a Barleywine and a seasonal Owens Valley Wet Harvest Lager, which I probably could drink every day. The owner and tasting room guy said this has the "drinkability" of a lager with the taste of an IPA. Kind of reminds me of Evel Keel by Ballast Point, which I love except Wet Harvest one ups it with 6.8% alcohol. Keep up the good brewing guys.

P.S. They have a root beer that is easily the best I have ever had and they sell it in growlers.


  1. Well it is quite refreshing when I read a review on this blog and the entire time think to myself: "Jesus fuck this guy failed 6th grade English". But then again, you are a "nonsnob" reviewer so how could I have expected anymore from you?


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