Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Newcastle Founder's Ale

Type: ale
Origin: Burtonwood, UK
ABV: 4.8%

I got this one in the mail Formula PR to review before its released to the US. I haven't been much of a fan of Newcastle brews in the past (I won't post the backlinks because the reviews are not flattering). In fact, I tend to think Newcastle Brown just tastes dirty, and is pretty much the only reason I hate brown ales (the non-snob crew was discussing doing a blind tasting of beer styles we hate - brown ale is first up).

Onto the Founder's Ale. You can tell that it comes from Newcastle because there is a very faint note of the brown ale in the background, although the rest of the beer is very crisp and enjoyable. It does taste a little watered down, however this I think is a positive since it mutes some of the off flavors from the brown ale background. This could almost fall into the session category because it wouldn't be hard to consume many of these (although there are other brews I would pick over it). Its definitely not a failure, and I wouldn't be disappointed if a few of these were leftover in my fridge after a party. If they upped the IBUs (sitting at 20 here), and maybe went towards a more floral hop variety, it would be incredible.

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