Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rock Bottom Kolsch

Type: Kölsch
Origin: La Jolla, CA (Rock Bottom)
Price: $3.50/20 oz
ABV: 5.1%
NSP: 8.1

This is absolutely delicious, refreshing, and the closest replication of what I remember from Köln.  I think the whole 20cl-glass thing in Köln is neat, but those German's have got it all wrong.  I got through two of these in the time needed for the waiter to bring another round at Früh; so there's no need for small glasses when it's as good as this.

I've never really given Rock Bottom due attention, partly because chain brewery-restaurants usually suck beer dick, but this makes me reconsider.  It seems to me the La Jolla location found themselves a pretty talented brewmaster, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else he has to offer.

And because this has made me a bit sentimental, here is Reissdorf, Paulaner, and Oktoberfest.  Ah, memories!


  1. best part is Kölsch is made using ale yeast. summer brew?

  2. You guys definitely need to do a kolsch. And we all need to get liter glasses so we can sit around on a sunny afternoon and drink the shit out of it (ideally while eating pork products and spaetzle and cheese).