Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rock Bottom Kolsch

Type: Kölsch
Origin: La Jolla, CA (Rock Bottom)
Price: $3.50/20 oz
ABV: 5.1%
NSP: 8.1

This is absolutely delicious, refreshing, and the closest replication of what I remember from Köln.  I think the whole 20cl-glass thing in Köln is neat, but those German's have got it all wrong.  I got through two of these in the time needed for the waiter to bring another round at Früh; so there's no need for small glasses when it's as good as this.

I've never really given Rock Bottom due attention, partly because chain brewery-restaurants usually suck beer dick, but this makes me reconsider.  It seems to me the La Jolla location found themselves a pretty talented brewmaster, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else he has to offer.

And because this has made me a bit sentimental, here is Reissdorf, Paulaner, and Oktoberfest.  Ah, memories!


  1. best part is Kölsch is made using ale yeast. summer brew?

    1. Yeah round is more appropriate. Seriously, this was ridiculously refreshing.

  2. You guys definitely need to do a kolsch. And we all need to get liter glasses so we can sit around on a sunny afternoon and drink the shit out of it (ideally while eating pork products and spaetzle and cheese).