Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ska Pinstripe Red Ale

Type: red ale, ESB-style
Origin: Durango, CO
Price: $1.59/12oz
abv: 5.15
NSP: 11.5

I was a fan of Ska since Decadent, so I'm especially thankful for the recon-man (Chris) bringing me this, even after his Oregon BeerPlow and the Boulder Co. Trilogy (stay tuned).  And, if this was flowing at Shakespeare's I would immediately buy it in place of any English-style ESB or Bass* (but probably not Anvil).

But that ain't gonna happen anytime soon, so I'll be honest: this isn't great.  It's good, and bitter like the style demands, but it's also light bodied enough that I thought I smelled and tasted dishwater at the start.  Of course after a few glugs**, that shifted to "so what, it tastes good now", so that whole tasting-dishwater thing is a moot point.  Talk about a dynamic review!  So my recommendation is to give it a try, if you can find it.

*For a "beer snob" website, this review is surprisingly not snobbish.  I think they need to rebrand their site!

** In college Matt, Eric (not a contributor to this blog), and I used to make cocktails (usually vodka) to pre-game anything.  We would ask "How many glugs?" to each other because that was the sound a 1.75L bottle would make during a pour at full-tilt, and we wanted to make sure they were stiff.  Tastes varied among us, but usually the mix was too strong for anyone else, and usually resulted in a cough/choke/spit on their part.  Good times.

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